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Festival 8th - 11th august


Night Psy
Live Act
Mystic Sound Records


sy Maiia is an enchanting night psytrance project created by Alla Vagner, a seasoned musician known for her chillout project, Maiia. Having been in the music industry for over 15 years, Alla has established herself as an experienced explorer of the musical universe, having released numerous albums, EPs, and compilations throughout her career.

At present, Alla is focused on developing her own sound within the modern night psy genre as she prepares to unveil her latest tracks to the world. 

Her Psy Maiia sets take the dance floor on an otherworldly journey of collective dance meditation, crafting a surreal and psychedelic atmosphere that opens portals to unexplored dimensions. With her unique approach to music-making and extensive experience in the field, Alla’s latest project is a mesmerizing addition to the world of night psytrance, sure to captivate audiences old and new alike.

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    This is where it all comes together! Join us to connect with kindred spirits, dance under the stars, and experience the energy of the Pyramid.


    Serbia —
    Mountain Rtanj


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