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Belgrade to Boljevac

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When going from Belgrade by car, take the E75 highway to Paracin. Once you disconnect from the highway at Paracin, follow the road to Zajecar and get to the municipality of Boljevac. Get into the center of Boljevac. 

Refer to the Google Map link above.

Boljevac to Pyramid Festival

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Once you get to center of Boljevac, follow the road to village Ilino. After 1,8 km, there will be sharp right turn on which there is a road which leads you directly to Pyramid Village. There will be sign on that turn that shows the way to the festival parking.

Refer to the Google Map link above.

From the last point on the map you can go on foot or by car all the way to the parking space and to the main festival entrance. This is the way to the tickets gate and the only entrance where you can get your festival bracelets. This road is wide 3 meters so it can be tricky to avoid another vehicle that comes from different directions. It is very important to follow instructions and signals given to you by security and staff teams that will be helping and directing you along the way for the fastest arrival. 

Please, get to the parking a bit earlier and avoid jams at the gate and on the road. Pyramid village opens on 5th August from 9 am and you are more than welcome to arrive at that time. 

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