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Welcome to Pyramid Festival 2024, where every note, every heartbeat, and every experience is carefully curated to resonate with the essence of our community. Our approach to ticket pricing mirrors a profound commitment to the soul and vision of the festival.

Learnings and Evolution: Drawing wisdom from our past experiences, Pyramid Festival 2024 pricing embodies thoughtful consideration and a commitment to evolution. We’ve embraced the lessons, ensuring that each ticket encapsulates the growth, quality, and authenticity that define our journey.

Financial Sustainability: Our mindset revolves around safeguarding financial sustainability. By considering inflation and valuing every resource and service, we strive to maintain affordability, ensuring that Pyramid Festival remains the independent, underground celebration we cherish.

Quality Over Quantity: In a world often driven by audience size, we hold a unique directive – to grow in quality without inflating our audience numbers. Pyramid Festival will proudly host a maximum of 1500 attendees, preserving the intimate and familial ambiance that has defined our gatherings in the past.

Not just any experience: Our aspirations reach beyond size; we aim to be a good gathering. By focusing on fostering connections, embracing diversity, and creating magical moments, Pyramid Festival stands as a testament to the belief that greatness lies not in magnitude but in the depth of experience.

As we unveil the magic of Pyramid Festival 2024, envision a celebration where every beat echoes purpose, every attendee is a cherished member of our tribe, and the spirit of togetherness transcends the ordinary. 

Here’s an insight into the factors shaping this year’s ticket pricing:

  1. Inflation Consciousness:

    • Our ticket prices are considering a 25% increase in the prices of raw materials and services during the building period.
  2. Unique Festival, Unique Production:

    • Despite our intimate scale, we aim to deliver a comfortable, high-quality experience that competes with larger events, demanding significant production investments.
  3. Pyramid Land & Maintenance:

    • Our majestic home, Rtanj Mountain, demands ongoing maintenance efforts, ensuring its exclusivity and splendor, which comes with associated costs and yearly commitments.
  4. Extended Duration:

    • With a festival spanning 7 days, your ticket equates to a fair value for the enriching experience we offer.
  5. Lineup and Art Installments:

    • Hosting a diverse lineup and art installations at the venue requires more investment to maintain our trendsetting status and to allow different experiences for all visitors.
  6. Services:

    • Ensuring safety, health, and comfort necessitates services that rival much larger festivals, placing a higher standard on our budget.
  7. Fair Employment:

    • Our challenging terrain requires fair compensation for the dedicated team facing high temperatures and heavy work during preparations.
  8. Industry standards:

    • Festival production has grown in quality over the years, necessitating more ambitious projects, increased crew members, and improved installations for a better experience. Even thou this is our first edition we have to keep up with good practices for allowing the best experience.
  9. Licenses and Taxes:

    • A commitment to legitimacy involves various taxes, licenses, dedicated security and emergency teams, and adherence to environmental plans, all incurring substantial taxes. Out ticket prices also includes VAT.

Ticket Options:

  • Festival Ticket:

    • Secure your entrance to Pyramid Festival 2024. Personal, non-transferable, with no refund option.
  • Healing Days Ticket:

    • Secure your entrance to Healing Days and Pyramid Festival 2024. Personal, non-transferable, with no refund option.

Important Notes:

  • All tickets are personalized. For each ticket separate account in shop is needed.
  • Tickets are available in multiply phases, limited to availability.
  • Children under 13 have free entrance but consider the festival’s conditions before bringing children under 3. Fell free to contact us at for any questions you might have.
  • We are working to provide Bus and Glamping options; please stay with us in the next months for detailed pieces of information.

Be informed, make conscious choices, and join the Pyramid Festival family under the stars!

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This is where it all comes together! Join us to connect with kindred spirits, dance under the stars, and experience the energy of the Pyramid.


Serbia —
Mountain Rtanj


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