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Unleash Your Psychedelic Artistry Vision at Pyramid Festival 2024!

Are you an artist whose imagination knows no bounds? Pyramid Festival is calling all visionaries, dreamers, and creators to be a part of our extraordinary art zone, where your psychedelic art can come to life! We encourage painters, street artists, flow artists, fire artists, and all other free souls who want to leave their mark at the first edition of the Pyramid Festival.

How to Apply:

  1. Share Your Psychedelic Art Skills: Craft and share your mind-bending, awe-inspiring psychedelic artistry and skills. Your artwork is your canvas to the cosmos, so let your creativity run wild!

  2. Complete the Artist Application: Head over to our Artist Application Form by clicking here. Along with your artwork, provide essential details such as your contact information, a biography, and the type of your artistry.

  3. Submit Your Application: We encourage you to share your artistic journey with us. Let your portfolio showcase your evolution as an artist.

  4. Artistic Vision: Explain how your art aligns with the spirit and vision of the Pyramid Festival. Share your inspiration and what you hope to convey through your art.

  5. Materials Provided: Rest assured, Pyramid Festival will provide all necessary materials for artists to create their masterpieces on-site.

Why Join the Pyramid Festival Art Zone?

  • Exposure: Pyramid Festival attracts a diverse and enthusiastic audience from around the world. Your art will be showcased to a global community of art enthusiasts.

  • Live Creation: Craft your art on the festival grounds and let festival-goers witness your skills and creative process firsthand.

  • Collaborative Vibes: Connect with fellow artists and art lovers who share your passion for psychedelic art.

  • Promotion: Pyramid Festival aims to promote artists through various channels, introducing your talent to a wider audience.

The Visionary Selection Process:

Our Art Director, together with the founders of Pyramid Festival, will carefully curate a selection of artists whose work resonates with the festival’s vision. We’re looking for artists who can bring a touch of the surreal, the mind-bending, and the transformative to our festival’s canvas. For this year, art topic will be ”flow”. 

Terms and Conditions:

By applying to showcase your art at Pyramid Festival 2024, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in our Artist Application Form. Your art and information may be used for promotional purposes related to the festival.

Apply Now

Application Deadline: 01.06.2024.

Questions? Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or clarifications.

Elevate your artistry, embrace the cosmic canvas, and join us in painting the Pyramid Festival with vibrant hues of creativity. Submit your application today and let your psychedelic art light up the festival’s heart!

Note: The application link will take you to our Artist Application Form, where you can complete your submission, including uploading your art portfolio.

This is where it all comes together! Join us to connect with kindred spirits, dance under the stars, and experience the energy of the Pyramid.


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